Kick Media is an Alberta-based media planning and buying services agency. Our goal for every advertising campaign is to ensure our client’s objectives are achieved through the best possible media mix, executed in a cost-efficient manner. We back up our recommendations with thoughtful, well researched rationale, utilizing the most current media research available as well as our years of industry experience.

Media Planning

The mission of media planning is to define media objectives and determine the best combination of media vehicles to achieve our client’s marketing campaign objectives. Our approach to this process is where Kick Media shines. More about media planning…

Media Buying

The basic premise of media buying is the purchase of media real estate. Kick Media takes it one step further by managing the balance between obtaining the best deal possible while developing a strong relationship with suppliers ensuring exceptional long term rates and added value for our clients. Media Buying


Understanding if you are making the right media choices to reach to reach your goals cost-efficiently is the function of a media audit. Kick Media is able to provide an objective review of past activities or plans to ensure marketing objectives are being met and opportunities to leverage budgets are never missed. More about media audits…