Media Buying

The basic premise of media buying is the purchase of media real estate. Kick Media takes it one step further by managing the balance between obtaining the best deal possible while developing a strong relationship with suppliers ensuring exceptional long term rates and added value.

Once a plan is approved, the media buying begins. Kick Media has significant experience in buying all media channels, including out-of-home (OOH), television, radio, print, online (display, native, mobile, search). But basically, if we are allowed to slap an ad on it, we can buy it.

To complete the media buy in-house and third party research is analyzed to determine how the media mix interacts with the target audience, from the selection of media channels to development of media schedules. This process ensures the most target rich reach is achieved.

From an experience perspective, although Kick Media is based in Alberta, our planning and buying involvement on a wide-variety of advertising campaigns takes us to all markets in Canada, into the United States and abroad.