Media Planning

The mission of media planning is to determine the best combination of media vehicles to achieve our client’s marketing campaign objectives. Our approach to this process is where Kick Media shines.

The scope and depth of the media plan depends on the specific needs of the client. For some, this entails a discussion and a costing estimate. For others, we analyze proprietary data, secondary research (both in-house and through third party) and develop media objectives to support the overall marketing goals. Deciding how to approach this is collaborative between Kick Media and our clients.

As our planning method is objectives-driven, strategies are developed once we understand and define the campaign’s target audience, geographic skew and timing considerations. These media objectives are the backbone of a media plan, and drive the overall media mix and tactics of the media buy.

Kick Media makes it a priority for our entire team to stay abreast of new media and technology changes through resource research, courses, webinars, and meetings with media vendor representatives. This ensures all media opportunities are considered during the media planning process.